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The Wyndhams Went to Wales by Mabel Esther Allan

Published February 2013. Complete and Unabridged
£13.00 £12.00

The Chalet Girls in Camp by Elinor M Brent-Dyer

Book 8 in the Chalet School series
1990 impression. White spine edition. Abridged
£4.00 £3.00

Summer Camp at Trebizon by Anne Digby

Book 7 in the Trebizon series
1982 reprint

Steer by the Stars by Olivia Fitz Roy

Published March 2007. Complete and unabridged

The House in the Hills by Olivia Fitz Roy

Published Summer 2009. Complete and unabridged

Family on the Tide by Frank Knight

Undated. Illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

Dragon Castle by Elinor Lyon

Published November 2008. Complete and unabridged

Dragon Castle by Elinor Lyon

November 2008 edition. Complete and unabridged.
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