Picture of Ragged Robin Began It

Ragged Robin Began It

Published September 2020.

From Katherine Oldmeadow to Elsie Oxenham via Dorothea Moore, Angela Brazil and others, Mabel Esther Allan discusses the books she loved - and didn't love - in her own forthright way.  She examines school and campfire stories, Ruritania, incredible co-incidences and alleged plagarism with her own mature professional eye, all in the context of her own early life.

She emphasises "You can love, and you can criticise," and you can label a book "damn silly" then, having pulled it to pieces, confesses she loves it despite its faults.

Originally privately published in 1993.

The cover shows a detail from an early dustwrapper of Ragged Robin by Katherine L Oldmeadow (Katharine L Oldmeadow is the correct spelling)!

Author Mabel Esther Allan
Publisher Greyladies
Type Paperback
Condition Mint