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Requiem for Idols

1966 reprint
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Ex Library. Protected dustwrapper which is stained.

Polly Field has acquired sudden wealth quite unexpectedly after a long period of poverty, and decides to return to her native village to buy the house which, as a child, she was foreced to leave when her parents died.  She invites her two sisters - Penelope, a social worker from an industrial town and peetty but rather silly Megan - and her friend Dahlia, to a housewarming.

Requiem for Idols is the story of the effect the old house has on these people.  Each woman in her own way is shown to be terrified of change, and finally and tragically rushes back to immerse herself in the very way of life from which Polly Field' shousearming had seemed such a perfect escape.

Author Norah Lofts
Publisher Chivers Press
Type Hardback
Condition Good