Picture of Sally's Family

Sally's Family

Published October 2012. Complete and Unabridged

When the war ends, Sally Hamilton is faced with the task of setting up a home for her five brothers and sisters, orphaned by the war and separated by evacuation, in a bare and dilapidated house and on a very small income. Undaunted, Sally perseveres although at first she gets very little co-operation from the rest of the family. But gradually the excitement of making a home out of nothing infects them all. Guy and Lucy surprise their family with their determined efforts to achieve their ambitions of a career, despite the lack of money to help them. The irrepressible Robin finds the overgrown garden and the nearby farm a paradise, while, under the influence of her new-found family, small, grave Pookum loses some of her quaint professorial ways and becomes a normal child again. Eventually even Kitty, who has been spoilt by rich foster parents, discovers the fun of making their own amusements and being one of a family.

Jilly Day has written an introduction about the situation in the UK just after World War 2.

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