Picture of Saucers Over The Moor

Saucers Over The Moor

Undated. Illustrated by Bertram Prance. D/W illustrated by Geoffrey Whittam

Fairly good dustwrapper which is worn and torn at edges. Pages browning.

Saucers Over the Moor is surely the most gripping and fast moving adventure story about the famous boy and girl members of the Lone Pine Club. Its theme is as new as the news, and it is set in exciting, real country which readers can visit for themselves.

Back at the Gay Dolphin in Rye for the summer holidays, the cousins Jon and Penny Warrender find a midnight adventure when they least expect it. Jon is wildly excited by what he sees in the sky above the moonlit Marsh, and Penny is intrigued to realize that another mysterious watcher, with a bandaged hand, is a man from their hotel.

Soon afterwards, Penny, whose parents are due back from the East for a long holiday, hears that they have taken a lonely house on Dartmoor for the summer and that she may ask her friends to stay with them. And so the other Lone Piners – David, Petronella (Peter) and the twins, Dickie and Mary Morton, with their Scottie Macbeth – join Jon and Penny for their most astonishing adventure. Dartmoor is new to them all. There is fun exploring the wild moorland and following the tumbling streams. They make a new friend of a young newspaper reporter, who tells them that something top secret is happening in a half hidden concrete ‘station’ high on the Moor. He asks them to help him get his story. He has seen over the Moor what Jon saw above the Marsh, and he, too, has dogged a sinister stranger who watches the skye. And the same whine is heard when darkness falls and the rose glow of something which may not be from this world is seen again …

The book also includes the original map of Dartmoor ‘drawn by David Morton’ and the illustrations by Bertram Prance.

Author Malcolm Saville
Publisher Children's Book Club
Type Hardback
Condition Good -
Series Lone Pine
SeriesNumber 8
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