Second Form at St Clare's by Enid Blyton

Book 4 in the St Clare's series
2005 edition. Cover illustration by David Roberts

The Adventures of the Wishing-Chair by Enid Blyton

Book 1 in the Wishing Chair series
2000 edition

Kitty at St Clare's by Pamela Cox

Part of the St Clare's series
2008 edition. Cover illustration by David Roberts.

First Term at Trebizon by Anne Digby

Book 1 in the Trebizon series
2016 edition. Cover illustration by Lucy Truman

A Spoonful of Jam by Michelle Magorian

Book 2 in the Hollis Family series
2000 edition

Be Yourself by Michelle Magorian

This collection first published in 2003

The Midnight Folk and The Box of Delights by John Masefield

2001 edition. Illustrated by Liz Pyle
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