Watership Down by Richard Adams

1973 reprint. Cover design and map by Pauline Baynes

Born Free by Joy Adamson

Seventh impression august 1966
£3.00 £2.00

Elsa and Her Cubs - Living Free by Joy Adamson

1972 edition. Abridged for young readers
£3.00 £2.00

Elsa's Pride - Forever Free by Joy Adamson

7th impression 1977
£3.00 £2.00

Comic Tragedies by Louisa M Alcott

Undated. Written by "Jo" and "Meg" and acted by "The Little Women"
£16.00 £14.00

The Book of Three by Lloyd Alexander

October 1985 impression

Magic in the Air by Phyllis Arkle

1987 edition. Illustrated by Mike Cole. Cover illustrations by Julie Tennent.

The Magic Tree and Other Tales by Marius Barbeau

Undated. Original title was 'The Golden Phoenix'. Illustrated by Arthur Price. Retold by Michael Hornyansky
£3.00 £2.00

Peter Pan by J M Barrie

1993 Australian reprint. Complete and unabridged.
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