The Seaside Family by Enid Blyton

Second Impression 1952. Illustrated by Ruth Gervis

Riding For Ridge Abbey by Peggie/Peggy Cannam

First Edition - 1954. Ilustrated by BOWE

A Pony of Your Own by Mary Gervaise

Fifth impression - 1960. Illustrated by E Herbert Whydale

Ponies in Clover by Mary Gervaise

First Edition - 1952. Illustrated by E Herbert Whydale

Tam the Untamed by Mary Elwyn Patchett

Fourth impression 1963. Illustrated by Kiddell-Monroe.
£20.00 £15.00

The Sign of the Alpine Rose by Malcolm Saville

Book 4 in the Jillies series
Second impression 1952. Illustrated by Wynne.

The Luck of Sallowby by Malcolm Saville

Book 5 in the Jillies series
First Edition - 1952. Illustrated by Tilden Reeves
£10.00 £7.00

More About Peggy by Mrs George de Horne Vaizey

Undated but 'War Economy Standard' edition with green boards
£10.00 £6.00

The Long Winter by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Book 5 in the Little House on the Prairie series
1962 edition. Pictures by Garth Williams