It Was Fun In The Fourth by Nancy Breary

Undated. Illustrated by Joan Martin May

The Swish of the Curtain by Pamela Brown

Book 1 in the Swish of the Curtain series
1953 reprint. Illustrated by Newton Whittaker

The Girls of Mystery Gorge by E E Cowper

Undated. Illustrated by R H Brock
£7.00 £5.00

The Family at Sunshine Ranch by Helen Dickson

Undated. Illustrated by John Benison

Ann and Her Mother by O Douglas (Anna Buchan)

Undated. Small pocket edition

Olivia by O Douglas (Anna Buchan)

1948 reprint. Pocket edition (Nelson Novels)

Taken By The Hand by O Douglas (Anna Buchan)

Undated. Small Pocket edition (Nelson Novels)

The Proper Place by O Douglas (Anna Buchan)

July 1929 pocket edition (Nelson Novels)

The Setons by O Douglas (Anna Buchan)

Undated. Pocket edition (Nelson Novels)
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