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Septima at School

Published 2014. Complete and unabridged
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Following on from Seven Sisters at Queen Anne's, Septima at School is the second in a trilogy detailing the adventures of "the long family of Shortt" - seven sisters who attend the same school. But although Gwen and Sylvie appear briefly at the beginning, Pamela at the end, and Phyllida and Gerry intermittently, this is the story of Septima and Tony, and the various mishaps they fall into during their second year at Queen Anne's.

From getting her finger stuck in the spout of a tea-kettle during a "secret" picnic breakfast, to convincing her sister that a burglar is intent on entering their dorm late one night, Septima is as much trouble as always, and Tony could be forgiven for exclaiming, at one point: "Life would be a lot simpler if it weren't for looking after you, Septima." It was the incident with the tea-kettle that led Tony to accidentally purloin a bell-handle, a worrisome circumstance that resulted in a number of exciting events involving Borzoi puppies, the kidnapping of a great big brown mutt, and a surprising discovery after a most unusual entrance through the rotting roof of an old shed ....

Author Evelyn Smith
Publisher Books to Treasure
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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