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Sister of the Angels

Published Autumn 2021. Complete and unabridged.

Sister of the Angels was first published by GGBP in November 2014, and we are delighted to be republishing it now.

This is a very special Christmas story, also about Henrietta, and Hugh Anthony and also set in Torminster  at the turn of the 20th Century. There are all the Cathedral characters whom we met in Henrietta’s House. But above all Henrietta’s father reappears, bringing that air of mystery about him, and then there is the artist Fra Angelico in the Cathedral … The snow, the preparations for Christmas, the carol service, and then ‘the Christmas bells began to ring’.

The book is illustrated with enchanting line drawings by C Walter Hodges.

We have three new introductions for this reprint:

John Gough has written two views of Sister of the Angels, one for first time readers and one for experienced readers and Mia Jha has written a quite different introduction, which is very moving.

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Author Elizabeth Goudge
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition New
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