Picture of The Attic Term

The Attic Term

Published March 2022. Complete and unabridged.

One illicit telephone call to her boyfriend, Patrick Merrick, leads Ginty Marlow into deep waters. Soon she is deceiving her friends so that she can make regular calls from the secretary’s office. But one night her rule-breaking gets her more than she bargained for, and with her close friend Monica absent for the entire term on sick leave due to a car accident, she finds life increasingly hard to cope with.

Ginty’s story runs alongside two parallel plotlines – in one of which Patrick struggles to cope with Mathematics O’Level and with the reforms to the Roman Catholic church of which his family are devout members, while in the other Nicola, Lawrie and their friends Miranda and Tim get together to create an unusual performance for the Christmas carol concert, and experiment with the joys of 1970s hippy clothing.

Sue Sims has written an absolutely fascinating introduction – which makes it worth buying this edition even if you have a hardback or Puffin edition.

Author Antonia Forest
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition New
Series Marlows
SeriesNumber 9
Book tags
Girlsown (555)