Picture of The Avenue

The Avenue

Published 2013. Complete and unabridged

Spine and corners bumped

When Mary becomes the ward of Sir Peregrine and Lady Hamlyn she finds, for the first time in her life, true affection. But 1688 is a year of unrest, and this new security is destroyed when they learn that a warrant has been issued against Sir Peregrine for high treason and that law officers have taken possession of Hamlyn Manor. Leaving Mary behind, Lady Hamlyn flees to join her husband, whom she believes to be in Holland. But Sir Peregrine has already left for England with Dirck in order to collect some vital papers for the Prince of Orange. The papers are hidden in Hamlyn Manor, so the odds against Sir Peregrine retrieving them and escaping with his life seem insurmountably high. But both Mary and Dirck are determined to help him, and though there are many things to fill them with fear, they have the courage and loyalty to persevere. At last Mary wins her way to the avenue of her dreams …

Author Violet Needham
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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Girlsown (506)