Picture of The Ballet Family Again

The Ballet Family Again

First Edition - 1965. Illustrated by Whitear
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Good dustwrapper which is price clipped and faded. Fep missing.  Title page detached.

The Ballet Family Again continues the story of the artistic, lively, Garlands and their orphaned cousin, Joan. Despite her uncle’s misgivings that she will now feel out of place, Joan returns to Lancashire for a visit ...

Joan finds herself a true Garland when she designs another ballet for the Thorburg Company and it becomes obvious where her future lies. Delphine continues to be her annoying and irrepressible self and romance comes to Pelagia. Ann has great difficulty in coming to terms with her best friend leaving the Thorburg school and this adversely affects their friendship in the short term.

PLEASE NOTE:-  The edition published in 1989 by Macdonald Beehive (where the author is Jean Estoril to tie in with the Drina books) is updated and so is not the original text.

Author Mabel Esther Allan
Publisher Methuen
Type Hardback
Condition Good -
Series Ballet Family
SeriesNumber 2
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