Picture of The Betrayer

The Betrayer

Published 2007. Complete and unabridged. Illustrated by Joyce Bruce

Spine bumped and creased.

This book has been written at the request of many children who wanted to know what happened to the Stormy Petrel after his adventures in Black Riders, The Stormy Petrel and The House of the Paladin.  The first story told how Dick joined the confederates, and this one ends with a member of the confederation, long since broken up, betraying all it had stood for.  It is a story of divided loyalties in which many old friends take part:  Jasper the Terrible, his daughter Judith, Far Away Moses, Dame Martha, Anastasia, the Emperor Carol.  Only Dick, however, is able to see the whole story, and, torn by conflicting allegiances, has to face his hardest decision.  It is for him a bitter experience and involves tragedy, but the Stormy Petrel at last flies free to follow the alluring figure of Adventure wherever it may beckon.

Author Violet Needham
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Stormy Petrel
SeriesNumber 5
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