Picture of The Boy in Red

The Boy in Red

Published March 2015 Complete and unabridged.

It was in a picturesque house in Holland that Violet Needham first saw the Boy in Red. He stood in an old picture, debonair in a scarlet tunic, with a falcon on his wrist and a pheasant's feather in his cap. The picture left a haunting impression on Miss Needham's imagination, and gradually she wove around it a fitting story of action and romance in a far-away age.

In this book the Boy in Red comes to life as Maurice St. Annalands, page to William the Silent, the heroic leader of the Netherlands in the fight for freedom. Among many daring exploits he carries messages through the enemy lines, becomes entangled with a beautiful Spanish Duchess, and saves the life of his Prince at the siege of Antwerp.

For the introduction, Jilly Day is writing an article on William the Silent.

Author Violet Needham
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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