Picture of The Chalet School Returns to the Alps

The Chalet School Returns to the Alps

Published June 2021. Brand new Chalet School fill-in title

As the Chalet School opens for its first term in Switzerland, Barbara Chester is not the only newcomer for Upper IVB. There’s the form’s other new girl, day girl Sue Meadows, and the school is also welcoming a new form-mistress in the shape of Old Chaletian (and former ‘Saint’) Nancy Wilmot. 

Nancy is thrilled to join the Chalet School as its new maths mistress. She is warmly welcomed and delighted to meet up again with her old friend Hilary on the Platz.  Everything looks rosy, so she’s puzzled when she finds herself feeling like something of an outsider.  Teaching and helping sort out the problems of girls in her form is the easy part – it’s feeling she belongs that is more difficult.  It takes her a little time (and some wise words from Miss Annersley), to find her true place in the school.

Sue, meanwhile, is accustomed to living life on the outside.  Solitary by nature, she’s been more than content in the past to go her own quiet way. Her first term at the Chalet School brings its fair share of challenges. There’s a bully in her form, while at home Sue must contend with her spoilt young cousin and demanding aunt. Luckily there are people at the school concerned for her welfare. It takes the combined ingenuity of Nancy Wilmot and Jo Maynard to see that Sue has opportunities for some proper school fun, even while helping look after her cousin.   

By the end of the term, Sue and Nancy have faced their own problems and look forward to a happier future in the Chalet School in the Alps.

The action of this book takes place during the term covered in The Chalet School and Barbara.

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Author Lisa Townsend
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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