Picture of The Chiltons

The Chiltons

1959 reprint. Illustrated by W Spence and F Stocks May

Good protected dustwrapper with creased edges.  Inscription on fep.  Frontis.

The Chiltons – Kit and Peter, Fiona, Monica, and their cousin Jill who lives with them – learn with little enthusiasm that an invalid boy, Brian, and an orphan girl, Hilary, are to make a temporary home with them. Brian, cheerful and adaptable, soon settles down; but Hilary, who all her life has been unwanted and unloved, finds things far more difficult in so lively a family atmosphere. Nevertheless her courage and integrity lead her to the assured prospect of a future in which she will not only always be near the Chiltons, whom she has grown to love, but always ‘belong’ somewhere at last.

Author Gwendoline Courtney
Publisher Thomas Nelson & Sons Ltd
Type Hardback
Condition Good
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Girlsown (515)