Picture of The Condor Crags Adventure

The Condor Crags Adventure

Published November 2018. Complete and unabridged

Spine and corners bumped. Covers creased.

The Condor Crags Adventure is the book which brings together Chudleigh HoldFardingales and The Susannah Adventure and makes them into one series. Unlike the first three titles, Condor Crags is mainly set in the Argentine and Boliviaand it is the book which has divided people on whether EBD should ever have written adventure stories. It may tie the series together, but it is also a book which you can very happily read if you have never read any others in the series.

Godfrey Chudleigh, paying one of his annual business trips to the Argentine, finds that the family’s possession of an Inca treasure leads to his own kidnapping. Life gets more complicated when a local volcano erupts. In the end he, and the ‘half-breed’ who has helped with his capture, are rescued by his brother Hawk and friends Humphrey Anthony and Tom Vinton together with pilot Hernon.

Clarissa Cridland has written in introduction comparing The Condor Crags Adventure with W E Johns’ The Cruise of the Condor and says “ I have to say that in reading it this time, I have enjoyed it much more than I thought I would! In fact, it has made me read the other books in the series.

Adrianne Fitzpatrick has written a short story about Rodney Anthony, Humphrey’s younger brother, following up Rodney’s possible visit to a sanatorium mentioned in the earlier books, and her own short story in Fardingales.

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