Picture of The Debatable Mound

The Debatable Mound

Published July 2011. Complete and unabridged.

Spine and corners bumped. Covers creased.

The ancient Serpent Mound was the cause of all the trouble. When Professor Crawford and his family move to Scotland they find that the mound, which he intendes to excavate, lies on the boundary between his property and that of his neighbour, the irascible Admiral Majendie. And as soon as the Professor starts to dig, a neighbourly feud starts up because no one can discover to whom the mound legally belongs. The Professor’s family is a lively one, and although Susan is often too busy, the two youngest Crawfords, Keith and Cubby, actively aid and abet their father. Lalage Crawford takes it more to heart, for she has made friends with the Admiral’s son, Dick.

The Debatable Mound follows Triffeny in the Colmskirk series. The Colmskirk series consists of nine titles, some of which are historical (ie pre 20th century) and others of which are ‘modern’ (set during the first half of the 20th century). This is the third book in the modern Colmskirk series, and Mary Cadogan has written the introduction. There is also a piece by DFB’s great niece, Vivien Northcote.

Author Dorita Fairlie Bruce
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Colmskirk
SeriesNumber 3
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Girlsown (515)