The Geography Readers Volume 2: Bess on her own in Canada and Sharlie's Kenya Diary

Published Summer 2020.

The Geography Readers – Volume Two – includes the final two titles in this series, Bess on her own in Canada and Sharlie’s Kenya Diary. As with Volume One, we shall be including the original photographs which are lovely, and the additional drawings which also enhance the books.

   Bess on her own in Canada sees Bess crossing Canada to go and find her Cousin Angus to tell him of her father’s accident and to ask him to spare one of his boys to come and help. Bess’ mother does not have Cousin Angus’ address but of course Bess manages to find him. The account of Bess’ journey is absolutely fascinating. Sally Dore, who knows Canada extremely well, is writing the introduction to this, and will add photographs of her own.

   Sharlie’s Kenya Diary sees Sharlie and her mother go to Kenya with her father who is being sent to Kenya by his firm on an inspection tour. In her diary, Sharlie details all her travels around Kenya, and her thoughts about them.    We have not yet found anyone to write an introduction to this.

(added to website 24 April 2020)

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