Picture of The Highland Twins at the Chalet School

The Highland Twins at the Chalet School

Published October 2018. Complete and unabridged. This has been reprinted due to popular demand

This is the book which introduces Flora and Fiona Macdonald. Settled now in Armishire, the School sees several old friends reappear, including Joanna and Emmie Linders, and Elizaveta. It is also the term that sees the School’s second (and final) expulsion, involving the Highland Twins, and when great sorrow comes to Jo it is Fiona’s second sight which gives her hope. Throughout the story, Jo is never far away, and we are given a lovely view of her home-life, as well as school-life amongst both Juniors and Seniors.

First published by GGBP in 2003, this new edition of Highland Twins has a very moving short story by Helen Barber, ‘A Song for Freedom’. Emmie Linders, recovering from the ordeal of her escape, is reminded by one of Mademoiselle’s lessons of something that happened when she was on the run …

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