Picture of The Hill of the Red Fox

The Hill of the Red Fox

Fourth impression 1987

Rubbbing to edges and corners bumped. Spine and covers creased.  Remains of label on bottom of spine and front and rear covers.

'Unknown man found shot' said the newspaper headline. Alasdair recognised the man he had met on the train to Skye, the man who had slipped him a desperate last message 'Hunt at the Hill of the Red Fox M15'.

Alasdair finds the Hill of the Red Fox on Skye, but the note still makes no sense. Nor at first do most of the strange and dangerous goings on on the island, man of which involve Alasdair's sinister uncle, Murdo Beaton.  There is much more than the odd bit of poaching happening - atomic scientists and their secrets are disappearing.

People are not always what they seem. Whom can Alasdair really trust?  In finding out he uncovers a web of espionage - and all its perils!

Author Allan Campbell McLean
Publisher Cannongate Kelpies
Type Paperback
Condition Good -
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