Picture of The House Called Hadlows

The House Called Hadlows

Published May 2007

Spine and corners bumped.

The House Called Hadlows is the sequel to The Winter of Enchantment.

Sebastian and Melissa would never forget their arrival at the hosue called Hadlows: the long derive through the neglected parkland, the lake glimpsed through the trees, then the massive house with its ‘thousand windows’ looking down on them. Hadlows held a secret, of that they were sure.

It was Fandeagle who told them to story of Hadlows and who entrusted them with the task of returning to him the four lost element of the Elixir of Life in order that the house would be released from the curse of the Evil One. It was a long and dangerous quest and the Evil One was a formidable opponent, but Melissa and Sebastian had Fandeagle on their side and the strength of Mantari behind them when they were most in need.

Author Victoria Walker
Publisher Fidra Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Book tags
Fantasy (129)