Picture of The Junior Captain

The Junior Captain

Published November 2015. Complete and unabridged.

Hildegard is happy in her school by the sea, The Haven, though it is old-fashioned and has no sports facilities. She expects to go to the High School soon anyway, several miles inland. Then she learns that her cousin Vendela is coming to live with them for some months – and to go to the rival ‘swanky’ school, The Castle, with whose pupils Gard and her friends have an ongoing feud.
Ven’s coming has several effects on the situation between the two schools – and on Gard’s future, for she learns that she will not be able to go to the High after all. A pivotal cricket match, and the mysterious ‘Fire-Girl’ are also important elements.

We will meet Gard again in 'School Without a Name', and Ven and Barbara reappear in ‘Ven at Gregory’s’; ‘Troubles of Tazy’ (not Barbara, but Ven with other characters from ‘Ven at Gregory’s’); and ‘Patience and her Problems’. So it seemed to us important to set the scene for these other two closely-connected series before we can finish our reprints of the Swiss Set.

Author Elsie J Oxenham
Publisher The Elsie J Oxenham Society
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
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