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The Muller Twins at the Chalet School

Published November 2012. Brand new Chalet School fill-in title
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‘I would not stay here alone—I,’ said Mademoiselle Lachenais. ‘As you propose to begin again in les Iles Normandes, it will fit very well, for my parents have a summer home in Normandy, so I shall be able to see them often. Doubtless, Madame, when those parents who have withdrawn their children because we are here learn whither we are gone, they will return the girls.’

‘But not the German or Austrian girls,’ said Madge with a sigh. ‘Alixe von Elsen, the Rincinis, the Müllers, Emmie and Joanna Linders—oh, and about fifty others are lost to us—for the next few years, at any rate.’ (The Chalet School in Exile emphasis ours)

The Müllers were real pupils at the Chalet School, and Katherine Bruce has taken them and made a wonderful story. Set in the term before The New Chalet School, when Charlotte and Anneliese Müller arrive at the Chalet School their fellow pupils are puzzled by their behaviour. Why does Charlotte go and hide when she could be skating with her friends on the frozen Tiernsee? What makes Anneliese so scathing about her clever sister’s abilities? As they struggle to find their feet in their new school, both girls have lessons to learn and fresh ideas to assimilate. Helped by talks with Joey Bettany and Miss Annersley, the Acting Head of the School, they gradually change their ideas, learning to be there for one another as sisters should, and by the end of term are beginning to feel they are truly twins.

The Müller Twins at the Chalet School weaves a fascinating story round these otherwise unknown girls. Here too are all the ingredients we have come to expect: beautiful scenery, favourite characters, Middles’ pranks and prefects’ brainwaves. A satisfying story in its own right and a satisfying addition to the annals of the School.

Author Katherine Bruce
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
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Series Chalet School
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