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The Red Rose of Ruvina

Published February 2009. Complete and unabridged. Illustrated by Richard Kennedy
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It was only by chance that young Rose Ruvina discovered that her name was the same as that used by a secret society. With her new friend Tony, she overhears the leaders of the society making plans, and finds in the woods near her home, their cache of hand grenades. Whether they are plotting good or bad, it is difficult to decide. Someone must be told, something must be done; but who and what ? The children's summery school days become oppressive with their anxiety. How Rose and Tony are thrust deep into the conspirator's plot, how they are captured and escape, how they carry messages to the right people at last, makes another of the romantic, exciting stories for which Miss Needham is already well known. The setting is the Duchy of Ornowitza, with its forests and mountains( and rambling country houses, already familiar to readers of earlier books. Here again too, are some of the same characters — the Stormy Petrel, for instance, and Anastasia, and Duke Tancrec — whose lives are so rich with high drama and great deeds.

The GGBP edition has a preface by Gerald Harford, great nephew of the author, an introduction by Hilary Clare, who has also written an extra piece on the artist, Richard Kennedy, and an article by Norman C Thomas who knew Violet Needham.

Author Violet Needham
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Stormy Petrel
SeriesNumber 8
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