Picture of The River at Green Knowe

The River at Green Knowe

1960 Edition. Illustrated by Peter Boston

Boards bumped and stained.  Price sticker on inside of front boards.

'What a lot of island the river makes,' said Ida. 'We are on one, and I can see at least three others. We must go exploring and sail round them all.' And so begins a wonderful, magical summer. Ida, Oscar and Ping are staying with Ida's great-aunt at the ancient, river-encircled house of Green Knowe. But Great-Aunt Maud and her companion, Miss Bun, leave the children to do as they please - as long as they come in for meals! They set out to chart the river in the canoe and discover that it has surprising and mysterious secrets.

(blurb taken from Puffin edition)

Author Lucy M Boston
Publisher Faber & Faber
Type Hardback
Condition Good
Series Green Knowe
SeriesNumber 3
Book tags
Fantasy (112)