Picture of The Second Roman Mysteries Quiz Book

The Second Roman Mysteries Quiz Book

2007 edition

Spine and corner bumped.

As well as being gripping adventures, Caroline Lawrence's bestselling novels are packed with facts about ancient Roman life. This quiz book includes over 500 questions based on the following six titles: The Enemies of Jupiter, The Gladiators from Capua, The Colossus of Rhodes, The Fugitive from Corinth, The Sirens of Surrentum and The Charioteer of Delphi. Plus ¿ quizzes about Roman Entertainment, Rules and Rituals, Architecture, Medicine, Love and Marriage, and picture puzzles to solve. For all Roman Mysteries fans, and anyone fascinated to know what life in first-century Rome was really like.

Author Caroline Lawrence
Publisher Orion Books
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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