Picture of The Shores of Darkness

The Shores of Darkness

Published September 2023

The Shores of Darkness was originally written as the third in Elinor Lyon’s Welsh trilogy, following Green Grow the Rushes and Echo Valley. 

The Merediths, Rowena the capable eldest, daredevil David and amiable young Mark, their friend Jenny Ash and newcomer Eileen, explore the caves, rivers and beaches by their home, on foot, on bicycles and by boat. 

There is poetry (Rowena is trying to memorise Kubla Khan  for a competition) and music (piano lessons and a lot of singing) and a constant awareness of the beauty of the sea and hills around them.

All the characters, however minor, are drawn with perception and a light wit whether in everyday family life or as they courageously face danger underground, cope with a frightening injury and as they overcome darkness, both literally and metaphorically. Written in the 1960s but, because of an editor who maintained that 12-year-olds weren’t reading books any more, The Shores of Darkness has never before been published.

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Author Elinor Lyon
Publisher Greyladies
Type Paperback
Condition New
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