Picture of The Sparrow Child

The Sparrow Child

First Edition - 1958. Illustrated by Martin Thomas

Good dustwrapper which has a faded spine and a small worn patch on the rear.

Thirteen-year-old Philip Sparrow meets his grown-up cousins, Barny and Carey Thorne, for the first time when he spends a summer Corben Place, the Thorne's old house in Cornwall.  It is not long before Philip learns the secret of Corben : that an ancient challice which legend calls the Holy Grail is hidden in the house.  Days spent by th sea and exploring Corben's woods are interrupted by the invasion of Arnold Mortimer, another member of the family, who makes the appalling suggestion that part of Corben's land should be requisitioned for an atomic experimental station.  With Arnold comes his grandchild, Mirabel, who falls under Corben's spell and revolts against her grandfather's stern guardianship.  She and Philip become first friends, and together they hunt for the lost challice.  They story of how Arnold's scheme is eventually defeated makes absorbing reading for older boys and girls.

Author Meriol Trevor
Publisher Collins
Type Hardback
Condition Good