Picture of The Sylvia Game

The Sylvia Game

1992 edition

Rubbing to edges anc corners bumped.  Spine and and covers creased.

"Whom do I look like?  I mean, whom did you take me for? ... Who is Sylvia?"He was silent for so long she thought he was not going to answer.  An odd expression came into his face.  He tyrned away as if to hide it, then, looking back over his shoulder said:
"My sister. But she's dead."

Emily hadn't mean to get tangled up with the likes of Oliver Mallerton and his dead sister.  She had only been tailing her artist father to find out why he'd been acting to mysterious lately.  She certainly never meant to ger mixed up in the Sylvia Game, a game that sounded harmless, not like a game that would nearly cause the death of one boy and lead to the banishment of another.

Author Vivien Alcock
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Company
Type Paperback
Condition Good