Picture of The Vicarage Children in Skye

The Vicarage Children in Skye

Published August 2010. Complete and Unabridged
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This is the third of three titles in the Vicarage Children series.

Not surprisingly, The Vicarage Children in Skye sees the family go to the author’s beloved Skye - where she became engaged to Vic Hill. We meet some of the characters from the Little Dancer series, including Annette and Jamie. Through the generosity of the Church Council and a church charity, the family buy an old car and enjoy a dream holiday in this most beautiful of islands. We have a hint of future happiness for Mandy, Ally continues to be her irritating self, and Binny is as adorable as ever.

The GGBP edition has an illustrated introduction by Debra Grice who lived on Skye for many years, and she is able to take us both to Lorna Hill’s Skye, and the island that she herself knows so well. It also has an introduction and publishing history by Clarissa Cridland and Laura Hicks.

Author Lorna Hill
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Vicarage Children
SeriesNumber 3
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