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The Wild Lorings - Detectives

Published August 2010. Complete and Unabridged
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The Wild Lorings Detectives sees Elspeth and Maud and their friends at school on another thrilling mystery. This time, the Wild Lorings unravel the mystery of disappearing jewellery, but wild as they are, their detective work would have come to a sorry end without the timely intervention of their big brother, Nick – who has now partially recovered from his dislike of schoolgirls in hordes! His sisters set out to protect and preserve the good name of their best friend, and in doing so completely disregard the small matter of breaking bounds. The climax, with its unexpected twist in the tail, is as thrilling as it is unexpected.

One of Gwendoline Courtney's nieces has written an article which contains lovely family memories and a photograph which includes 'Auntie Gwen'. There is also an introduction by Clarissa Cridland and Ann Mackie-Hunter and a very brief publishing history by Adrianne Fitzpatrick.

Author Gwendoline Courtney
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Wild Lorings
SeriesNumber 2
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