Picture of Toby at Tibbs Cross

Toby at Tibbs Cross

Published October 2008. Complete and unabridged.
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Toby has now left school, and World War II has started. Toby is doing her war work running Charity Sheringham’s small farm in Southshire. All is well until there broke out in the county a strange disease which attacked all kinds of livestock. The vet’s treatment leads Toby to become very suspicious, and after consulting her friends Jane and Dick Trevor, she goes to the police, but the strange disease spreads further. Enter a mysterious gipsy horse doctor who had remarkable healing powers. And then Dick Trevor disappears. How Toby solves the mystery makes a very exciting story, with the background of farm life in wartime.

This is the third title in the Toby trilogy

Author Dorita Fairlie Bruce
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
Series Toby
SeriesNumber 3
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