Picture of Trouble at Melville Manor

Trouble at Melville Manor

Published 2014. Complete and unabridged

Spine and corners bumped.

The Melvilles leave Plymouth to go and stay at Melville Old Manor in Cheshire, and everything seems perfect, except that Cousin Bethan, aged 12, is more of an enemy than a friend. Ray, who wants to be a writer when she grows up, finds much to thrill her in the stories of the manor, especially the tragedy of Jacobite Miles and the mystery of Lost Bethan. She and Richard and the twins, Garth and Gwynedd, and Bronwen who is the baby of the family, with an Alsatian as big as herself, all find excitement and adventure in good measure. This is one of Mabel Esther Allan’s best family stories.
We shall be including a short story of Mabel’s, The Troubles of Catherine Cray.

Author Mabel Esther Allan
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Good
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Girlsown (474)