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Well Done, Denehurst!

Republished July 2005. Complete and Unabridged
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Elaine and Moira Sherbourne and Avice Wingrove and her brother Bob are invited by Captain Deryk Holroyd, the Sherbournes’ cousin, to the New Forest for the summer holidays. Deryk and his wife have taken a cottage in the tiny village of Amhurst, and it is only when they get there that they discover that there is more in the invitation than meets the eye. Deryk is, in fact, on secret service work and is trying to check up on some strange activities which seem to be centred in this lonely village. Almost nightly a carrier pigeon rises mysteriously into the air and flies off carrying important information to the enemy. How is this done? Who sends the pigeon? These questions must be answered and answered quickly, and the three girls and Bob are supposed to act as a kind of blind to Deryk’s investigations, what secret service agent would saddle himself with a host of children? But during the next few days the three girls and Bob are to prove themselves yet more useful, and it is largely due to them that of the three suspects the right one is brought to justice.

This tale of mystery and adventure will be read with unflagging interest, and it is good to know that the heroines of The Denehurst Secret Service have another chance of serving their country.

Author Gwendoline Courtney
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Denehurst
SeriesNumber 2
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