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White Fire

Published August 2019. Complete and unabridged.

White Fire is the fourth title in the Marston Baines series.

This story is about diamond smuggling and is set in the beautiful island of Mallorca, off the Spanish coast in the Mediterranean. In his introduction, Malcolm Saville points out that all the people are from his imagination, but The Caves of Drach actually exist and diamond smuggling also exists. The story begins with Marston Baines going into a secondhand bookshop, where he takes his orders from the head of this Special Branch of Her Majesty’s Secret Service. But Mallorca is not all about diamond smuggling. Quite apart from the beautiful scenery, there is a beautiful girl, Rosina …

Stephen Bigger will be writing our introduction and publishing history.

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Author Malcolm Saville
Publisher Girls Gone By Publishers
Type Paperback
Condition Mint
Series Marston Baines
SeriesNumber 4
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